Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inweddingdress Review #1

Where do I begin?! I ordered a custom sized Maggie Sottero Hampton dress in Diamond white the end of January 2010 from I received the dress around 4pm today (March 11, 2010).  I was so excited I grabbed my camera and proceeded to open it! This is what it looked like when it arrived.

How does a huge dress like that get shrunk into this tiny package!? They basically saran wrapped the whole dress. They are brilliant because they packaged the dress inside out, so the outside of the dress (which is the most important) would not get ruined if anything happened.

When I took the dress out, it was pretty wrinkly and puffy. Nothing gravity can't take care of! I will let it hang for a few months and I will retake pictures of the dress and make sure to post it here for you all to see.

The pictures came out a little blurry...sorry.  You can't see the details of the dress with the flash on, so I turned off the flash..which makes the picture a little blurry. Make sure to click on the picture to see the entire thing..the columns cuts off some of the pics.

The front of the dress

top part of the dress


The back of the dress

Closeup of the top back of the dress

This is me wearing it!
Do you see how the very top part of the bust is flipping outwards? It's because the straps are buttoned onto it and tugs on the fabric inside. I think I would wear this dress without the straps so the flipping action doesn't happen.
Back of the dress

OK! so I tried on the REAL Maggie Sottero Hampton dress, and all I can say is...this knock off is not EXACTLY the same...but it's still a pretty nice dress. I wasn't expecting an exact replica anyway. The real Maggie has a nice silky feel to it. The knock off uses different's just not as soft. I think the fabric feels a little cheap...but maybe it's because I've felt the real silky fabric?  The real Maggie also hides your tummy way better than the knock off. The beading is different than the real Maggie....but it still looks nice. The inside of the dress is soft. There are three layers, the inner which is soft that touches your skin, then the fabric that makes it puffy, then the dress itself!

OVERALL: I like this dress and I think this knock off was worth $300 which includes shipping....but I LOVE LOVE LOVE The real Maggie which is around $1400. I guess you get what you pay for? If I didn't see the real Maggie would I love this knock off? It's not bad dress. It looks fabulous in the pictures...but in real life..the fabric is not as expensive looking as I would've hoped for.

OH! I found a picture of someone wearing the REAL Maggie sottero Hampton shown below so you can compare the real one from the knock off.

I'm curious as to what you think. You've seen the pictures. What do you think? Would you buy a knock off wedding dress? I believe if you are not uber picky, then a knock off is not a bad alternative.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/concerns...or pictures of a knock off dress that you have purchased for your wedding! I would love to hear from all of you!

REAL Maggie dress

Real Maggie in diamond white

Knock off Maggie Sottero HamptonKnock off Maggie Sottero Hampton in Diamond White


  1. My dresa from inweddingdress just arrived! I will add pictures as soon as I knoe how

  2. omgosh so pretty how much did u get it for

  3. heyy..I got it for $300 after shipping! It was a very reasonable price.

  4. Hey!! Thank you so much for posting this!!

    It cleared up a lot of questions that I and my cousin had about ordering from this site.

    I linked your blog to sitejabber, where a lot of people are wondering about

    Thanks again!

  5. So I am glad that I found your review of a knock off dress. I too, found a very expensive designer dress, a Pronovias for about 1600. The design is The Ferma, I found it for $239 from Dress Times. After reading your review I think I am still going to go ahead and order it in a few months. My wedding is not until 2012.

  6. I got my dress from dresstimes yesterday. Their service was outstanding, thanks for their quick communication and fast shipping. The dress itself was well made. The color "gold" for the lace applique was more brassy than I expected. My only suggestion would be to add color guides. But all in all I am pleased with my choice to order from them. I will send pictures after the wedding!

  7. Hi, there.
    Does anybody has good experience from
    I want to share my wonderful experience from that guys, they made my wedding perfect because of the beautiful wedding gown! the most important is that they saved more for me, i greatly appreciate their service!!

  8. heay, i meant the website!!

  9. I bought my dress from inweddingdress too! I had picked it out on the site originally but was nervous to buy from them, so I went out to dress shops in my area. What do you know, I find the exact dress I had picked out online at the first shop I went to. Once I had it on I knew it was the one. So I saved about $800 and ordered it online. Mine came in a TINY package too... very wrinkled & stiff. But overall I am VERY happy. The material isn't as silky as the one in the store, but it's not bad at all.

    I will probably send everyone to them from now on.

  10. I also love Pronovias, i have for years, i found 2 dress on "dress times" Fiona and Alice. I'm a huge perfectionist so I'm not sure still.....but I love Pronovias! Sarah, did you end up ordering yours yet??

  11. I have not ordered it yet

  12. Danielle DevenishMay 24, 2011 at 6:15 AM

    Just a warning. For anyone that is planning to order a knock off from, DO NOT DO IT!! I order my bridesmaids dresses from there in Burgundy. I ordered 6 of this dress in Burgundy. It took 77 days for them to arrive and they WERE THE WRONG COLOR! I will say the dresses were absolutle beautifully made, but they were champagne, not burgundy. I emailed them and sent them back and they said they would fix it and send them via rush order. So I received the corrected dresses 44 days later. THEY WERE THE WRONG COLOR AGAIN!!! This time instead of burgundy, they were red. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not order from this site. I am fighting with them now trying to get my money back.

  13. Hi, I just ordered my wedding dress from and after I told my sister that I saved over $400 on my wedding dress, she made me nervous with all her comments about not trusting the dress. After reading your reviews, I guess I can expect a nice dress very similar to what I wanted. I hope so... For it being my second wedding, although as special, I did not want to spend so much money. I will let you know once it comes, aparantly in a very small package :-/ . By the way, I'm glad you posted that, because now I know what to expect and not be scared when I see such small package.

  14. Has anyone ordered dresses from ? I would like to order a wedding dress and 3 custom made dress and am not sure if they will be ok.

  15. The dress is looks close enough to me..

  16. Can anybody tell me if i order my dress in jan will i receive it By march 10th. Or do i need to make a rush order? I need two bridesmaid dresses ASAP.

  17. I'd rush it, to be safe. In my experience with dealing with any Chinese merch, you don't want to depend on their time line if you're in a hurry. I ordered something around this time of year once and they were delayed a very long time because of "Chinese New Year"....Took me 3 months to get my order. it's better to be safe than sorry.