Tuesday, March 1, 2016

inweddingdress Review #37


I first of all wanted to say thank you for getting reviews from real customers of these online dress retailers.  It definitely helped me in my decision to buy online.  Here is my review for a dress I just received from inweddingdress.com and photos of it as well (the last photo is the advertised dress)!  Please note that the pink dot you may see in some of the photos is from the lense on my phone’s camera, not the dress.

The dress I ordered can be found at https://www.inweddingdress.com/mermaid-lace-wedding-dresses-bc138.html

First of all, I was very hesitant to buy online and was especially skeptical after purchasing as I had read positive reviews online that appeared to be fake and came across many people who had negative experiences with this company.  I wasn’t expecting much when it arrived in the mail but was pleasantly surprised!  It arrived in a tiny package but I had read other reviews so that wasn’t a surprise and it didn’t really matter because the dress was beautiful.

I had ordered it custom made and it fits like a glove except for the bust area which is a little big (it could’ve been my fault as I may have measured a bit on the bigger side)…but this is an easy alteration and I’m not concerned.  I am not a huge fan of the flower on the back but it can easily be removed (I wasn’t fond of it in the advertised photo either but figured I could remove it if needed).  The buttons are a bit loose but that is nothing a little thread and a needle can’t fix if you want reinforcements (they’re only decorative so they won’t be pulling or anything).

Overall, I am happy with the quality.  When you look super closely its obviously not a $5000 dress but I honestly feel like no one will even notice.  I am overall happy with this product even though I will be replacing the sash with a beaded belt, but that was something I was planning on doing anyways just as a matter of personal taste.  I have read some reviews that were not so positive so if you do purchase from this site, just be aware that it may be a gamble but I’m glad I took the risk!  I think the more simple the dress, the more likely you are to be happy with it. Also, this may seem obvious but make sure that your expectations are not to receive a top of the line, designer gown…it will not be the same quality but mine was high quality for the price I paid and high enough for my wedding (I’m a pretty low key person and never wanted to pay thousands of dollars for something I’d wear once).

Anyways I hope this helps someone as I know other reviews helped me!


inweddingdress Review #36

Hi there,

I found your blog super informative! Hope people keep contributing.  I am submitting a photo and review for my wedding dress from inweddingdress.com.

I ordered Style BC332 impulsively after I decided I wasn't totally happy with the dress I had originally bought somewhere else. I ordered it one month before the wedding under rush shipping. After I ordered it, I became really nervous about the final product because of all of the poor reviews about quality, customer service, and fit; however, to my pleasant surprise, the dress arrived promptly in 2.5 weeks (exactly to the day of their rush shipping guarantee). Like the other reviews, it arrived folded inside out in a tiny package. It isn't really lace (I think it's an applique stitched to look like lace), but I was more concerned about how it looked on me than what the material felt like. I ordered a size 8 based on the measurements provided on their website, which fit everyone except my rib cage where there is a ruched band of satin-type material. I took the dress to a local tailor who was able to make the alterations quickly by letting out some of the ruched material - cost me an additional $75. The rest of the dress fit really well. All in all I had a positive experience with this company and loved the final product.

Photo of the dress online:

Photo of me wearing the dress on my wedding day, attached.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Inweddingdress Review #35

I ordered from InWeddingDress back in early April with custom measurements and received the dress within the proper time frame. I had lost several dress sizes within that month and knew the dress would not fit however when I did get it it was cut nothing like the advertisement and alterations were impossible. While the dress was obviously baggy the top of the empire waist line rode up too high and the straps were far too short. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and figured maybe my measurements were off and my weight loss could have been an issue. I went back to the site and re-measured and ordered the same dress in a standard size 4 and another one I liked in a 4 as well. I paid for a rush order for both. 2 days after the dresses should have shipped based on their "rush" processing time I had to e-mail them and remind them they had $100 extra of my money and that these dresses were now late.
A week prior to their shipment I changed the shipping address to my home. I received a confirmation e-mail of the change but nothing in my account online had changed. Upon my complaint that the dresses were late being shipped I was sent a tracking number as a reply to only one order number. No other information. Just the DHL link and a tracking number. I e-mailed again to confirm that both orders were under that tracking number. I received another confirmation e-mail that both dresses were in the same package but the shipping information listed in the e-mail was the old location. I e-mailed back AGAIN confirming that the shipping information was also correct and got a snotty e-mail back assuring me of their customer service, stating that the e-mail had my original order information in it and essentially telling me to track the package with DHL with the implied attitude that I was annoying them. I did however receive both dresses within the rush time frame. Yesterday actually.
They crammed BOTH dresses into one of their soft bags instead of supplying a carry bag for each. That was when I first started to think something might be wrong here. I was excited to finally have this part of the wedding done but my excitement faded as I tried on the smaller version of the original dress I ordered. As you can see in the comparison photos the only alterations made to the dress were the size of the cups sewn into it and the size of the waist. The straps were still far too short, the entire torso of the dress hiked up far too high and the amount of material over the breasts was not altered in proportion to the size changes. It's as if the entire bust and middle of the torso is too short and they think they can just add length to the hem to change the dress size. My boobs look like they have on chiffon battle armor. The second dress went much the same as the first. Waist too high. Cups too high. Strap/sleeves too short. I was constantly yanking it down in the front. It's supposed to be a sexy dress with cleavage and top boob showing. There's neither.

So now I'm 0 and 3 with this company and now I'm reading reviews saying how they're impossible to deal with for returns. I've also seen that apparently they like to post their own positive reviews to boost their feedback and over the years and have changed their name, as well as that they tend to swipe photos of designer dresses and photoshop other heads onto the pictures. The actual craftsmanship of the dresses isn't bad and neither are the materials but beware that you're taking a gamble. Chances are the patterns that the dresses in their photos were made from are not the one yours will be made from.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inweddingdress Review #34

Review as follows:

I ordered a custom wedding dress from In Wedding Dress a few weeks ago after reading the reviews on this blog. I sent over the link to the dress I wanted a copy of and my measurements (they had a great video on the site on how to measure - my fiancé took the measurements for me) and it arrived yesterday and I'm over the moon with how it turned out.

The material of course is not of the same quality as the original, however with the original costing £1,195 and this one costing just £214 it's to be expected! I would say it is about a 95% replica which I am more than happy with.

It is all lined so isn't itchy at all and the zip at the back is very well hidden.

My only complaint is that there a perhaps a few more embellishments and sequins that I would have liked, however I plan on removing a few of these myself.

I would recommend In Wedding Dress to anybody, I'm very impressed!


Inweddingdress Review #33

Hello !

I would like to review a dress that I’ve ordered from inwedingdress.com.

I’ve ordered this one :

I’ve ordered the 16th January 2014 and it arrived the 26th February 2014 (to France).
It cost me about 217€ (about 300$), price including shipping costs.
I took the custom size option.

The dress was wrinkled, because it was packed in a very small bag, but it can easily be fixed by going to the dry cleaning :

The finishing on the bottom of the dress was clean :

It fit me perfectly :

 And the finishing on the bust and behind was not really good, it looked a little cheap to me :

 To conclude, I would say that I am still satisfied despite the little defaults, it worth the price that I’ve paid it !


Friday, January 17, 2014

Inweddingdress Review #32

Hi there,
I decided to bite the bullet and order online and based on the reviews decided to go for inweddingdress.com.
The dress I ordered was this one:
It arrived after only 15 days (over Christmas and New Years too!) and arrived as the other dresses have in a small pillow(ish) packet and inside out.
The quality of the dress is remarkable, and I love how it turned out.
I had it custom made to my size, but it is still a little big across my bust and stomach, but when I was measured I erred on the side of caution and added half an inch to my measurements which could account for this.
The lace feels lovely, and the inside material is very soft.
I added a corset lace up back which I think suits the dress. I'm very happy with how the back looks, and think it only needs taking in a little at the front.
I would definitely recommend inweddingdress to others. I was impressed by their service and the emails went back and forth until everything was settled. They wouldn't start until they were sure I was sure!
Good luck to everyone else ordering online!


Kappbridal Review #1 and Orangebridal Review #1

Update: 4/8/2014
Kappabridal.com changed their domain to

I did a lot of research before buying my dress online and ended up ordering it from kapprabridal.com 
I was really picky about the style of my wedding dress. I found the perfect one on KappraBridal and just went for it. 

I was extremely pleased with my dress!

This is a link of the dress I order:

I ordered it on 6/13/2013 and it arrived in California on 7/15/2013. 
The staff are very friendly and prompt with replying. 
The material and detail were high quality. 
I lost some weight by the time of the wedding so I wish I would have taken tighter measurements (since the arms were a little big).
I chose the whitest color for my dress (there are off-white and ivory color options)

There are over 13,000 dresses to choose from. Just let them know your measurements, fabric color and special instructions. 
I highly recommend ordering from KappraBridal.com