Monday, June 13, 2011

Inweddingdress Review #12

I ordered a bridesmaid dress from there was nothing budget about this route- with shipping the dress came to close to $150, but it was an online-ordering option that seemed to work for everyone in the wedding party. I will grant that the packaging was secure and the shipping reasonably speedy- but at over $30 for one dress, it should be! That was where the good things ended.

The "light chiffon dress" described on the website was lined with heavy, shiny, very thick satin- not at all what we were looking for at an August wedding! The A-line of the skirt in the original dress was completely lost in the product delivered- it hung straight down in sad little gathers on the heavy lining. The bodice on the delivered dress also drapes much differently than In the picture, with a much higher, narrower waist band and shorter bodice.

I look quite chunky in this picture, but I am 5'4, 120 lbs, 34D, and a size 4-6 in most dresses.  I actually ordered one size down from what their sizing chart recommended for my measurements, and I was still SWIMMING in the dress when it arrived. This monstrosity managed, as a friend put it, to make me look  "both fat and flat-chested, at the same time. And kind of like you're a little kid playing dress up in mommy's funeral dress." The thickness of the lining material means that the edges of the bodice are extremely bulky, both at the neckline and around the arms, and it gapes at the sides in such a way that, though from the front view I look flat-chested, from the side view things are almost x-rated. Fixing this would be a major, expensive alteration, To add to the absurdity, the chiffon overlayer is significantly longer than the lining, but uneven- as much as six inches longer in the front than in the back. The ties at the waist are attached in such a way that they add extra bulk in the seams at the side, visually widening the dress, another thing that would require serious intervention from a seamstress.

Nothing about this dress is well-done, flattering, or even close to the picture. Making it wearable will require alterations that are more expensive than buying a new, off-the-rack cocktail dress from a department store- so that's what we're going to do. Oh, and since I started writing this review, another bridesmaid has just emailed to let me know that HER dress (ordered to her measurements) is so tight it won't zip, but otherwise as poorly constructed.

Inweddingdress may be a decent solution for brides on a budget looking to save on the outrageous costs of a bridal gown, but it is NOT a good value for bridesmaid dresses. We could have had something much nicer at this price point from any number of established American companies, and not been out crazy shipping costs and extreme alterations. I defintely do not recommend for bridesmaid dresses.


  1. I wish I could attach my pictures, so you can see the quality you get when you order 'Custom' from it was atrocious!Not one seam of the dress was done with any kind of care- It looked nowhere close to the picture you see on the ad! You,ladies out there, don't think you are going to get something decent for your hard earned money! They think that because it's cheap, they can do a sh...y job and then use all kinds of excuses NOT to reimburse you. Also, most of the unfavorable responses are not published - they screen them! Don't be naive- don't trust them!(unless you WANT to be ripped off!)

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