Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inweddingdress Review #14


I have a review for inweddingdress.com, I ordered this dress: http://www.inweddingdress.com/style-bc545.htmlMy experience was pretty terrible, for the following reasons:
1) I did not expect the dress to be an exact replica or be made of anything but cheap fabric, but the dress had major manufacturing errors. The biggest issues were a skirt hemline that was 3 inches shorter on one side to the other, and due to the length and nature of the skirt would have required being completely remade locally to fix, and secondly the fact that the flowers appliques were basically wadded up pieces of fabric that looked like stuck on toilet paper. The dress did not look like a knockoff, it looked like a poorly made joke and nothing like the original. I also paid for custom sizing, and it arrived about 2 sizes too large for me (literally was falling off if I did not use the straps, and it is supposed to be a strapless dress).

2) Terrible Customer Service. I immediately emailed "Jenny Foley", the contact on the website, upon receipt of the dress. She basically accused me of lying about the severity of the manufacturing problems and told me that based on their expert opinion, a little ironing would do the trick. I then sent her several dozen photos showing in detail why this was a ridiculous suggestion. She continued to refuse my requests for a return/refund and ignored my emails. I finally got my credit card company involved in contesting the charge, at which point she became responsive and offered a measly $40 to have it repaired locally. The quotes I received from local seamstresses were well over $100 to at minimum repair (or in reality remake) the skirt. After refusing this small amount of money and further pressure from my credit card company, they finally agreed to refund my money, less the $40 in shipping it cost to return to China.

3) Misleading website: All of my fair but truthful reviews on their website have been deleted shortly after going up. I suspect they do this with most negative reviews.

Rebecca C.


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