Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inweddingdress Review #4

Review by Karen:

I received my dress on May 25!!! It was shoved in a bag and inside out, but It’s beautiful. You can for sure tell that it’s a knock-off. But that’s fine, I would much rather pay $250.00 for a dress that has a few issues that pay $1100.00 for a dress that I will wear once.

There are a few stitches that need to be tightened. And they are underneath, so I can do that myself. Overall, I am happy that I ordered a simple dress and got what I paid for.


  1. Gorgeous dress! Thank you for the pics... I love beads very much! I think taking the inside out is to protect the beads there...

    How long did it take from you placed the order?

  2. where did you order it from?

  3. It appears that you faired pretty well with just a few minor adjustments...