Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inweddingdress Review 6

(ordered from inweddingdress.com)

Review 6:

I just received my dress today, a week earlier than expected. The dress is wonderful and came with two sashes! I did custom sizing, irremovable petticoat, bustle, and asked that the straps be removed. Then two weeks later I asked them to leave the straps. When I opened the package I checked for the straps first and they were there, a bit wider than I expected though. The dress isn't as poofy as I would like, but I'll just add a crinoline or something along those lines.
This is the dress on the web site:

This is the dress on me:

Back of the dress:

The picture of the dress as a strapless isn't loading correctly, unfortunately because I like it that way the best. There is even a little strap in the gown that helps your bust sit in the right place. Very happy with it.


  1. Okay, first of all thank you for establishing this blog so that others that are looking for a forum to share their collective experiences regarding knock off/budget-friendly wedding dress websites have a reference to determine whether or not the Internet is a viable option for them for purchasing a wedding dress. The information from all contributing parties has been invaluable. Next, I have decided to go ahead with ordering my wedding dress from inweddingdress.com, the style that I am planning on ordering is this one http://www.inweddingdress.com/style-bc269.html. It's a copy of a Priscilla of Boston gown that retails at $2000-$2500, which for someone who is opting to be married in Las Vegas for budgetary reasons seems impractical to spend on a dress to say the least, whether I wear it once or everyday with my jeans. I'm excited and nervous, I promise to commit the same attention to this as I would any study I would have done for the sixth-grade science fair. Pictures and results to follow soon. Wish me luck! :)

  2. I lOVE your dress from inweddingdress.com. The black bow & the little bit of black peeking out of top! I tried to find it on the website but couldnt. can you tell me where??

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