Thursday, October 20, 2011 Review #18

I found this dress online and really liked the pictures. This dress wasn't available to try on so my wonderful consultant got me two different sizes to try for fit.

To be honest, the reviews for inweddingdress are so mixed, I was a bit nervous in ordering my dresses, but decided to take the risk assured of my wedding planners.

The dress arrived last Thursday. The shipping company was extremely kind and helpful. The dress arrived in a cute paisley bag within a clear plastic bag. I understand it was traveling hundreds of miles; of course it would be wrinkled! I have steamed the dress before the wedding anyway.

After trying on the dresses to fit, I decided to keep the size 8 and return the size 6. I understand the reasons for their return policy and it cost my hard-earned money to ship it back though, it is better than final sale.

Let’s talk about the dress now.

My dress fit beautifully and looked amazing. It is a little long, but that is w/out heels. The dress does look better on the website, though, the ones wearing them are models so U can't expect to look the same unless you are 5'6. My only complaint is that one of the pearls was coming loose; I have already asked my mom to fix it up, not a problem.

The fabric and color is gorgeous and just what I imagined. (I ordered the light ivory). The beading is beautiful and not a bit cheap looking. The lace does not look cheap at all.

I also ordered a detachable sash like the picture, but prefer not to use it, the strapless gown fits me amazingly. Adding the sash is easy and the dress even comes with lots of extra beads so it is really keen cared.

All around shopping for my dress was a pleasure! Its my advice tho; to have a good idea what you want before shopping because its way more fun!


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