Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inweddingdress Review #17

Well anyone that is happy to hear the truth and can handle a no nonsense approach to buying their wedding gown. I don't have pics of me in it yet (will post after the wedding) but wanted to share the information i do have since the dress arrived. I hope this review helps someone wants to know about the site or specifics.

I ordered BC621 from inweddingdress.com for my beach wedding in Miamihttp://www.inweddingdress.com/style-bc621.html 
I was of course skeptical at first because this is such an important purchase for the biggest event in my life with Dave, however, this short amazing gown was really the one, the only one, it was not in stock anywhere and I had called nearly every wedding shop in the country. So I took the risk of ordering online from an overseas seller without trying on it first. Great risk, ha?
I received my dress in 7 days custom...........YES, 7 days!!  Our wedding date is 11/11/2011 and it is just September. I couldn't believe ordering it rush would only take 7 days.  I was expecting another two weeks at least. It does come in such a compact bag that you may not think its the dress but it is. The dress arrived wrinkled because of the packaging, but I can take care of it, not a big problem.
The back looks similar to the front, it’s a V with the same ruffles on the edges as in the front.  The tip of the V hits a little below at my bra line so it’s nice that you can wear a lower bra with it. The stitches were aligned right, the flower was closer to the picture, but not very exactly.
I never expect a $1,500 dress, nor an exact replica, even though the lace and flower is not exactly as the picture, I can get this body in shape and look 100 percent like I want to by November and keep trying it on in case I need to do something to it a couple weeks before and won't be stressed.
Before my purchase, I did some research on the company which revealed much negative information saying the white color was NOT WHITE. This worries me a lot, really. I ordered the dress in white and glad to say it IS white, maybe I am the lucky one??? I think so. LOL :
The best part of the experience was how helpful of Jenny Foley, (by the way, they don’t provide telephone number, this really scared me before), she answered all my questions really soon, she is truthful and honest and gets to the point. Something that I found is very refreshing and endearing.
I was suggested having a dress custom to my body measurements by Jenny. After giving my order, they even noticed that my measurements were way off and gave me the chance to rectify. I would greatly appreciate the feedback about the measurements. It shows great attention to detail and care for their clients. I will say that when I tried on the dress by the first time, it was a bit bigger than the measurements that i gave... probably 0.5-1 inch. But i would much rather it be a little big than small.
The only thing I will have to have altered is the straps, it is a little bit long for my short torso. But all of those things were easy fixes, and I got more compliments on the dress! People were shocked that I ordered it online for the price that I did. I was very happy with my decision to get this dress.
I would, and will, totally recommend this website to every bride i know!  As a matter of fact, I already have!!


  1. So cute!!!I also ordered my dress from www.inweddingdress.com and I haven't received it yet. Your dress is so beautiful and now I looking forward to my dress! Hope it will be also beautiful!!

  2. Your dress looks so pretty!! I bought my BM dresses from them! They were perfect! Arrived quickly and free shipping and free custom sizing!!

  3. This dress is very pretty!!
    Elnora, could you please upload the photos when you receive yours!!, I'm pretty nervous cause I'm plannning to buy my weeding dress from weedinglee next year,


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