Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inweddingdress Review #20


I noticed that there aren't many negative reviews which is what convinced me to order  from in the first place.

The dress I ordered is BC213, it was well put together and the colour I got was light ivory and was the perfect colour. I got this dress made to measure but I have had to get the dress taken in around my waist and hips as I have lost a bit of weight, it is necessary that you would need a dress maker to fix some unexpected work before the wedding.

The detailing on this dress is really good. The lace does NOT look tacky at all. The shape of the train hemline was not exactly identical to the picture, but it looks more brilliant especially the moment you turn around.

The only defective is the covered buttons, although they are so beautiful, one of them fell down when I opened the package, it might be the purpose that they sent an extra plastic bag of buttons and beads in the package. The beading weighs the sash down as the threads sewn to the sash are loose. Anyway, I fix the buttons and the sash threads myself. Just a piece of cake.

Whatever, the dress is beyond my expectations and more than what I paid. I would be happy to recommend this service to you all.

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