Friday, November 25, 2011

Inweddingdress Review #21

I love this place. I am in Australia, there are hundreds of clothing boutiques here that offer crap quality, horrible customer service, and ridiculously high prices. It makes me search online instead for my dream gown. Inweddingdress is different, delivering good value for the money along with great style and truly outstanding service.

They have a great selection of really good dresses, and they will recommend things by body type, which is very helpful( and also very correct -- you will find that if you buy something NOT for your body type on their site, it doesn't work. Its creepy how accurate it is). The dresses are well-made, comfortable, and simple. The shipping is fast and all my interactions with them have been good.

The alteration service is flexible. I wanted a simple dress and loved the style, but not a fan of the back flowers, they advised me to write "detachable flowers" using the custom alterations service. I found it unfair to charge me $10 extra of removing some details, but not a big deal.

This dress was supposed to be my reception dress, however, the design looks so great that I told my MOH that I would consider wearing that for my outdoor ceremony and I actually did.

Also, I think that when you try on the original it makes it very very difficult to appreciate the knock-off. I've heard from someone before, in your mind you already know the material you expect to feel, the way the dress should move, the way your hips should be and immediately you begin to identify errors. Do yourself a favor and if you want a "simple" knockoff... get it, and try not to worry too much. If your expectations aren't dangerously high, you won't be disappointed with the outcome.

Kind Regards,

Sarah W.

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