Monday, April 1, 2013

Inweddingdress Review #26

When I determined to get my wedding dress online, I was very stressed out because my wedding was in 1 month away then and I would have no time to deal with some expected occasion.

Recommended by Julie, I a quote for my gown which I found in a movie and just pictured it off. Julie told me that when ordering a dress off here, those finer details of the shape they can't get exact as you aren't there for them to see where to bring it in more etc. The curves of women’s body very person to person. But inweddingdress had made her dress more than expected and it deserved the money, definitely.

I got the dress in 15 days before my wedding and it allowed plenty of time for me to find the right underwear, shoes, jewelry, jacket, and bag to go with the dress. I am soooo relieved about getting the dress, though.

Don't be shocked at how small the package is when you get it, the dress is perfectly fine like that. The dress will be inside out to protect the material.

At the first sight of the dress, I was very impressed with the fabric; it is heavy and quality which is the perfect one for my church wedding. The back shapes me perfectly especially the beading, you will see them in my photos, they are amazing, and you can’t even imagine it!!!!!

Also, a few days after the wedding... my beautiful dress still held up wonderfully! After hanging it up to dry, it looks like it is ready to wear to another wedding! Great craftsmanship!

Happy Bride, Happy shopping!!!!!


  1. It looked very elegant!! One week before I also ordered a dress from inweddingdress. Oh I can't wait!

  2. When I was looking for bridal gowns in NJ, I was looking for a corset back. I hear a lot of dresses can have them added on? I just want that back so bad!

  3. These dresses are so stunning! I've been looking all over for wedding dresses in Orland Park, IL and can't decide which one to purchase! It's just such a hard decision!

  4. wow,good ideas,,,,perfect wedding posting related ideas,,,sometimes i just wanna got mine as yours ,,like with those recently i bought from,that is really what i can call be a fashion spot thing,,,ty^^ again for your posting,wish you everyday a good time,will come and visit again.

  5. I'm very impressed with the quality of the beading. I ordered a dress from JJ's House and there's 4months I'm trying to like it but I can't...I just hate all the plastic sequins and pearls that are poorly seamed in the dress...Iridescent Shine is not something that I'd use in my everyday life, so having it in the dress just don't allow me to like it. I'm talking to Jenny in and I hope it will work better this time. I have only 2 months.