Monday, June 3, 2013

Inweddingdress Review #29

I bought a dress from and this is my review:
On the website I liked this dress:
BC261 which retails for $228.72, a sale from $255.52 apparently. These are the pictures of the dress from the site:

From the date I submitted the order to the date I received it was a little over a month (late march 2014, received mid may). Because I was in no rush I didn’t mind about how fast or slow my order was. I chose to have the dress custom made to my measurements (for free) and a nice sales consultant contacted me via email when she thought my dress length request was too short. I replied and told her that I wanted the dress just after my knee instead of knee length and she reassured me that was fine.
During the ordering submission I added in extra alterations:
- remove most of the flowers on the length of the dress
- have the back corset instead of zip (in case I lose or gain weight).

When I received the dress in the mail it came in a smallish package. Inside the dress was folded inside out to protect the front of it. The stitching of the dress is great, well made. The material is so so to good, not the best in the world but again for the price I paid I expected what I got. As long as there are no holes or rips and it can withstand ONE day of wearing… I am as happy as can be. I enjoyed the satin feel and quality, it was definitely much nicer (looks and touch) than the organza material of the skirt.
Like I said the dress was well made so I have no complaints of the quality aspects of that. Impressed actually.
The flowers were cut on sewn on nicely and tight. I however have some regrets on them. I didn’t know there would be this many on the dress as you can’t really see it on the advertised photos. The beading and lace applique were fantastic, my favourite actually. The beading looked like it took a lot of time and effort to be put on this dress, so for the price I think it is worth it.
You can’t really tell from these edited photos but in a raw point and shoot pic, the dress actually comes out a bit yellow because I ordered it in ivory. Now I bought ivory because I didn’t want a blazing white white dress that almost looks blue so I thought ivory would soften the whiteness, if that makes sense. However in person it is a perfect shade of white, but in photos it really looks cream coloured. Maybe you might like that but I didn’t so much. I would recommend all brides unless they want a cream dress, don’t order your dress in ivory.
Bottom line: I like the dress, for the price I paid I can not complain too much. However the dress is much prettier in life than it is in photos. I don’t personally think the dress is as flattering on me nor photographs as well as it should. The problem is after the day is gone and years go by you don’t want to tell people oh my dress was so much better in real life. You want it stunning in pictures, so no I would not recommend this style/dress itself but I would recommend the website because it was easy to use, very inexpensive dresses and well made.



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