Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Inweddingdress Review #28

I have a complaint about inweddingdress.com.  Buyer beware of fine print!  The dresses are ok for the very inexpensive price, but the return policy is very restrictive and deceptive.
My daughter bought two dresses from inweddingdress.com.  She is having a beach wedding and wasn’t sure what type of dress she wanted (formal or informal).  Both dresses arrived in one package within 3 weeks.  The shorter, more casual dress (BC012) was $215 and the longer one (BC378) was $256.  Altogether, with shipping, the final cost was $516.  While they didn’t look exactly like the pictures in the website and the quality, workmanship is not great, we thought they were both lovely, especially considering the price.  She decided to keep the longer one, which, with shortening and alterations was going to cost another $100.  Still quite reasonable.  BUT, when I tried to return the other dress, I was informed that it was 7 days after delivery and I needed to request a return address label within 5 days of delivery.  I did know about the 30% restocking charge, but this policy was a surprise to me.  After some searching, I found this policy buried in the website, in the 4th paragraph of the return instructions.  I immediately contacted the company, to no avail.  I find this policy to be quite unusual and deceptive, considering how hard it was to find the information.  Very poor customer service.  So a $256 dress, with shipping and alterations, winds up costing $616! 



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