Friday, October 4, 2013

Inweddingdress Review #31

So, I ordered my wedding dress from inweddingdress based on the reviews from this blog, and it was the best wedding decision I have made so far in my planning!

I had gone to a bridal boutique and fell in love with the Watters dress the moment I tried it on. I searched online for a used one, because I didn't mind doing that but wasn't able to find one anywhere near my size. I finally stumbled across this blog, immediately went to inweddingdress and found my dress! I really didn't care if it was a knock-off or about having the brand name dress, so I had my fiancee help me take measurements and ordered the dress in Ivory! I did not get any of the extra options, like the lace-up back because I didn't think it would fit with the style of my dress. Just ordered it No Rush, in Ivory, with my measurements!

Order date: August 5th
Ship date: August 17th 
Delivery date:  August 26th

It came in a little package about the size of a throw pillow:


  1. Really nice. Did you ask for any alternations?

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  3. Thanks so much for posting this, THIS DRESS is the reason I started researching this website in the first place! I tried on the real deal yesterday... so beautiful, but so out of my league (budget). I couldn't believe my eyes when I was surfing through the pictures on inweddingdress and saw it-- it floored me. I'm so grateful that I have your pictures and your experience to help me make my decision. Thank you!

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