Tuesday, March 1, 2016

inweddingdress Review #37


I first of all wanted to say thank you for getting reviews from real customers of these online dress retailers.  It definitely helped me in my decision to buy online.  Here is my review for a dress I just received from inweddingdress.com and photos of it as well (the last photo is the advertised dress)!  Please note that the pink dot you may see in some of the photos is from the lense on my phone’s camera, not the dress.

The dress I ordered can be found at https://www.inweddingdress.com/mermaid-lace-wedding-dresses-bc138.html

First of all, I was very hesitant to buy online and was especially skeptical after purchasing as I had read positive reviews online that appeared to be fake and came across many people who had negative experiences with this company.  I wasn’t expecting much when it arrived in the mail but was pleasantly surprised!  It arrived in a tiny package but I had read other reviews so that wasn’t a surprise and it didn’t really matter because the dress was beautiful.

I had ordered it custom made and it fits like a glove except for the bust area which is a little big (it could’ve been my fault as I may have measured a bit on the bigger side)…but this is an easy alteration and I’m not concerned.  I am not a huge fan of the flower on the back but it can easily be removed (I wasn’t fond of it in the advertised photo either but figured I could remove it if needed).  The buttons are a bit loose but that is nothing a little thread and a needle can’t fix if you want reinforcements (they’re only decorative so they won’t be pulling or anything).

Overall, I am happy with the quality.  When you look super closely its obviously not a $5000 dress but I honestly feel like no one will even notice.  I am overall happy with this product even though I will be replacing the sash with a beaded belt, but that was something I was planning on doing anyways just as a matter of personal taste.  I have read some reviews that were not so positive so if you do purchase from this site, just be aware that it may be a gamble but I’m glad I took the risk!  I think the more simple the dress, the more likely you are to be happy with it. Also, this may seem obvious but make sure that your expectations are not to receive a top of the line, designer gown…it will not be the same quality but mine was high quality for the price I paid and high enough for my wedding (I’m a pretty low key person and never wanted to pay thousands of dollars for something I’d wear once).

Anyways I hope this helps someone as I know other reviews helped me!



  1. love lace wedding gowns.

  2. This dress is very beautiful

  3. This is beautiful gown for girls who are going to be marry. Thanks for your review. I will recommended this to my friends who wish to marry soon. Lovely sharing.

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