Monday, April 9, 2012

Inweddingdress Review #22

UPDATE: 11/27/2012

I got married in October. This is my dress on our wedding day after it had been altered to fit. I had ordered the size a little larger to be safe and it worked out great!
~Samantha P.

I have a review for you:

I ordered my dress from I live in SF Bay Area and the dress came in 38 days (my wedding is 8 months away so I did NOT get the rush order). I would go into the detail about anticipation, the deception of the packaging, etc but it seems like all the other reviewers do it justice so I'll spare the details...
I ordered custom sizes. I measured myself loosely though, figuring I'd rather have too much fabric than not enough. So the bust was slightly larger but that's on me. As for everything else size-wise it was perfect.
The flower "decals" were larger than I expected, and some of them were sewn on poorly, (my tailor will be fixing those as well for about $3 a flower) but I feel they are "wedding-worthy". I was extremely happy with the top of the dress too. It was neat and even and the heart-shaped top is exactly the way the picture looks.
I would have to agree with some posts that if your dress is simple, is a no brainer, I wasn't a huge fan of the pictures of brides that had ruffled dresses, but the embroidered stuff, and the patterns are not disappointing as long as you're not expecting TOO much for what you're paying. My dress was cheap, but for the price, the fabric is quality, the sizes were accurate, and I say it was a job well done!
I took some pictures, and copied the original photos for comparison... Sorry. I'm not the best photographer.

Happy hunting!
Thank you!
Samantha P.

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  1. How much larger did you order?
    Thanks for that review.