Thursday, September 6, 2012 Review #1

This review may seem a little out-dated as I have now been married three years, but I recently was asked for help finding knock-off dresses by a friend and found your blog. I thought I’d contribute.

I ordered from (formerly, mainly because they seemed to have what I wanted and were the only BBB accredited place I could find that did. I was still somewhat trepidatious. But for the quoted price of $450, I couldn’t help myself. Plus, I couldn’t have ordered this dress anywhere else because it had been recently discontinued.

The wedding was June 13th, and I was told to order by January 15th to get it in time. I don’t remember if they offered rush service, as I did not wish to pay extra for it anyway. I ordered a standard size, thinking that a lace-back style would give me some extra tightening (I’m pretty skinny) and that with heels, I shouldn’t have any extra length.

I ordered Bonny 661. These pics show the full dress. I chose the short-sleeve option.

This is the dress that arrived (two weeks later than expected, but still within an acceptable window). It was still a bit loose in the bust as you can see in the pic with my mom, but the detail was beautiful. I was comfortable and confident moving in it. I ended up wearing Chuck Taylors beneath the dress, so I did need to stop and adjust mid-aisle to avoid treading on my own hem, but that was my own no-heel choice that caused the problem.

Being a seamstress myself (almost made my own gown), I can say that they did a lovely job; the dress was well-built and of high-quality for the discounted price.

Leslie B.
married June 13, 2009

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